They are as light as air, so even a baby can make a balloon move if you dangle it near their fingers. Show them how to bat it away, and they will try and copy you.

Your toddler will enjoy games with balloons like these:

Balloon tennis - using hands or paper plates as rackets to bat the balloon to each other.

"Keep it in the air" - find a good space and bat a balloon between you. The aim is to keep the balloon from hitting the ground. Make up your own rules for a points system.

Blowing the balloon up and letting go before tying it off and having it fly erratically around the room will have kids in hysterics.

Balloons are great for teaching resilience as they pop...... once recovered from the BANG, you can get another.

Balloons are great fun, but it's important to keep an eye on your child when they are playing with a balloon!

A collapsed balloon can become a choking hazard that blocks your child's windpipe, so always pay attention.

When used safely, balloons are wonderful!

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