Member Responsibilities

Group Contact:

Each group requires a Group Contact who is happy to liaise with the committee and their own group.


Playgroup meetings are held every 6 weeks. One member from every group must attend each meeting to communicate any issues/feedback and learn about upcoming activities across PVC Playgroup. This can be a different member each time. RSVP via the Facebook event link.

Fees and Playgroup Victoria Membership:

All attending families must be up to date with their fees and have a current Playgroup Victoria membership. A reminder will be sent by the Treasurer updating you of your current membership status throughout the year.


Pascoe Vale Community Playgroup actively fundraisers throughout the year so that enrollment costs are kept low. Each member is expected to take part in two of our major fundraising activities each year (for example, sell raffle tickets, chocolates, work at a sausage sizzle etc).


Book:  

Every attendee must sign-in each week. This is a condition of our insurance policy. The sing in book is located in the locked cupboard in the corner opposite the door. The code to the cupboard will be provided to members upon joining.


All toys (both indoor and outdoor) must be put away in the correct place at the end of each session. Each group is responsible for vacuuming/sweeping the hall at the end of their session. A vacuum is located at the bottom of our locked cupboard and brooms are in the storeroom.


Please wash and put away any plates and cups that you use during your session. Each group is responsible for taking their rubbish with them. There is large bins to dispose of your rubbish located outside of the Kindergarten gates.(Even if you are the morning session you could be the only group in for the day.)  Please be aware that all spaces are nut and egg free zones.

Eating during playgroup:

Some children attending PVC Playgroup have severe allergies to a wide variety of things including, but not limited to:

Eggs, peanuts, rice, cashews, kiwi fruit, citrus fruit, banana and dairy products

If your child is eating during playgroup time can you please ensure they are NOT eating whilst playing with the supplied toys, at the play equipment or near the storage tubs.

Food that gets dropped on the play equipment or toys could be very dangerous for a child with allergies if they happen to touch or ingest it by accident.

Selecting a dedicated eating area, sitting at the table and chairs, high chairs or together on the floor away from toys is an excellent skill to develop from an early age. 

Outdoor Playtime:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday sessions - The Kinder may use the larger outdoor space at anytime during their sessions. This is to comply with the government’s Early Years Learning and Development Framework, therefore members of the Pascoe Vale Community Playgroup DO NOT have access to the larger kinder playground and equipment during this time. Members are still able to use all toys in the outdoor shed, however they must be brought into the hall or our designated outdoor play area.

Pascoe Vale Community Playgroup encourage our members to follow Sunsmart guidelines of Slip Slop Slap.

Hats must be worn outside between 1st September and 1st May. Spare hats are available in the Playgroup members cupboard if you forget to bring yours along.

Wednesday & Friday session - Because there are no Kinder sessions members of Pascoe Community Playgroup ARE able to use the kinder playground and equipment.

Please keep sand in the sandpit and tanbark in the climbing areas.

NO food can be consumed in the shared kinder outside area (Dropped food or food traces smeared on equipment are potential lethal hazards for children with severe allergies).

It is a parent’s/carer’s responsibility to supervise their child or children at all times, particularly when playing outside. If your child is outside, you need to be outside. During Kinder pick-up and drop-off times, please ensure your child is playing away from the gate (this is for your own child’s safety as well as the safety of other children and carers).

Locking Up / Keys: The code for the Kindergarten security gate will be provided to members upon joining. A set of keys to the playgroup hall can be found in the lock box which is located on the outer fence of the Kindergarten. The code to the lock box will be provided to groups upon commencement of the term or when a new group signs up to the playgroup. Each group is responsible for locking up the hall behind them, as well as the cupboards and the shed.

Please remember to return the key and secure the lock box after your session.

On days when there is no kinder (Wednesday & Fridays), the front gate and ladies toilet must also be locked.

Please remember to turn off all lights and heating / cooling on departure and ensure all internal doors are closed.

Any questions or issues regarding your responsibilities as a Pascoe Vale Community Playgroup member please contact the Committee.