Playgroup meetings are held every 6 weeks – see schedule opposite for 2019 dates.

It is important that every group have a representative attend meetings to communicate issues, provide feedback and learn about upcoming activities across the PVC Playgroup calendar.


If there is a specific topic you wish to address at a meeting you can request to have it put on the agenda for an upcoming meeting. The responsibility of attending meetings does not have to fall to a single person; a different member or multiple members from each group can attend meetings throughout the year.

As we are a playgroup all meetings are child friendly.

2019 meeting schedule...

Location: Playgroup Hall

Time: 7.30pm


Tuesday 19th February

Wednesday 3rd April

Tuesday 7th May

Wednesday 19th June

Tuesday 30th July

Wednesday 11th September

Tuesday 22nd October

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 4th December

Meeting times and days may change on occasion.