The playgroup shall be officially called the “Pascoe Vale Community Playgroup”. 

The playgroup is established for the promotion of non-professional pre-school development only and shall carry out any acts as are necessary to achieve this. 

The playgroup shall provide unstructured play geared towards the age group in attendance. 

What is Playgroup? 
A playgroup is a group of parents or caregivers and their pre-school aged children who meet together regularly. Playgroups require some structure and consist of a happy combination of adults and children playing and sharing experiences. 

The best resource you have is your group members and your collective imagination. 

Playgroup offers children: 
• A safe, stimulating play environment to explore, full of fun and new experiences. 
• A place to meet other children, and to play with, or beside them. 
• A chance to play with different equipment and toys. 
• A place where they may learn to trust other adults and gain confidence in new situations and their own abilities. 
• Somewhere safe where they may begin practising some independence and learning social skills. 
• A place where new parents can network and create new friendships. 

Any person subscribing to the objectives of the playgroup shall be entitled to become a member, subject to the payment of the Semester or yearly fee and insurance. Fees are decided by the Committee and set at the AGM each year. Prompt payment of all fees ensures you do not forfeit your place at Pascoe Vale Community Playgroup. 

For Insurance purposes against injury whilst at playgroup, members are required to join Playgroup Victoria. Playgroup Victoria determines the fee annually. Membership guidelines need to be followed, including their safety guidelines. Individual families are responsible for making insurance payment to Playgroup Victoria directly. Playgroup Victoria membership is now paid on an anniversary basis.

By joining Pascoe Vale Community Playgroup you agree to actively participate in fundraising activities each year (including two compulsory activities nominated by the Fundraising Committee) to assist with the running of playgroup OR pay the nominated exemption fee of $50.00 to Pascoe Vale Community Playgroup. 

Committee members must have a child currently attending playgroup which are as follows: 

  • Baby Group - children 3 months to 8 months 

  • Toddler Group - children 8 months to 1.8 years 

  • 2 Year Old Group - children 1.8 months to 2.8 years 

  • 3 Year Old Group - children 2.8 years to 3.8 years 

The Executive Committee shall consist of the following personnel: 

  • President

  • Vice President 

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary 

  • Fundraising Coordinator(s)

  • Enrolment Coordinator(s) 

  • Purchasing Officer

  • Play Coordinator

  • Media Coordinator

The General Committee shall consist of the Executive Committee and a liaison person from each group. 

Where possible, all positions of the Executive Committee shall be members spread over all age groups, to provide opportunity for management structure and enabling continuity of the Pascoe Vale Community Playgroup. 

Committee Members shall be elected for a twelve month period at the Annual General Meeting that shall be held in November/December each year and which shall be convened in writing with at least fourteen days' notice given to each member. The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy on the committee that may arise during the year, by election. The Committee shall meet once every six weeks or as decided by the membership of that year. 

A quorum shall consist of half of the total committee membership plus one (six in total). 
The Executive Committee and a representative from all existing and proposed groups shall attend the Annual General Meeting. 

Minutes shall be kept for all meetings and retained by the Secretary. 

The Treasurer shall keep account records and shall present a statement of income and expenditure at each meeting and a balance sheet of the year’s activities at the Annual General Meeting. This statement is filed annually with Consumers Affairs Victoria by the Public Officer as per the Associations Incorporation Act. 

The playgroup shall open such bank accounts in the name of the playgroup as it considers proper and shall provide the necessary authority for its officials to operate such accounts provided that cheques shall always be authorised by two of its officers. All monies being held by an authorised officer of the playgroup must be paid into the said bank account within 72 hours (or three working days) of receipt. 

The income and property of the playgroup whencesoever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its aim and objective and no member of its governing body shall be appointed to any salary in the playgroup and no remuneration or other benefit in money, or of money’s worth shall be given by the playgroup to any member except for reimbursement of out of pocket expenses, interest on money loaned, or reasonable and proper rent for premises demised or leased to the playgroup. 

Playgroups are parent-run sessions with group members sharing responsibility. Parents are responsible for their own child/children during the playgroup session. 

A consistent level of interest and participation from playgroup members is vital for playgroups to continue. 

Some important points to keep your playgroup running smoothly: 

  • Share the decision-making and work load between all families. 

  • Keep play ideas simple. It is the doing that is important. 

  • Provide several play choices for children. Try to include one or two of the following favourites each week – painting, play dough, sand play, water play, dress ups, pasting, climbing and music. 

If a member decides to discontinue coming or does not attend for three consecutive weeks without notification to the contact person, the position is forfeited and filled with someone from the waiting list. However if a member is unable to attend but would like to maintain the place in the group the semester fees must be paid. Non-payment of Semester Fees means the place is forfeited and given to the next person on the waiting list. 

The playgroup may be dissolved or wound up providing that at least 60% of the members vote at the General Meeting especially convened for this purpose. 

All monies remaining after payment of debts and liabilities may be used up (e.g. a party or suchlike for the children) or distributed to other playgroups or charities as the members at the General Meeting deem appropriate. 

The property (toys etc.) of the playgroup must be distributed to other playgroups or Kindergartens in the area and is not to become property of members. 

Equipment that is permanently affixed to the property being used by the playgroup becomes the property of the said centre and therefore the responsibility of the Management Committee of the Centre. 

Parents are responsible for the care and supervision of their own children at all times. They are not to bring school-age children to playgroups as activities and equipment are aimed at younger children and these children will not be covered by insurance. 

No child shall attend playgroup if enrolled and attending primary school in the said year.

All duty of care shall be extended to all equipment, toys and buildings by all groups. 

Two basic rules to convey to the children at playgroup are:- 

  • We must not hurt others e.g. Throwing sand hurts people’s eyes. 

  • Encourage children to care for equipment e.g. No rough play. 

Parents and caregivers are responsible for their children while attending the playgroup and are expected to observe all reasonable care and safety measures. 

  • Sick children including school-age children are not to attend. 

  • Be sun smart. Hats and sunscreen must be worn during Term 1 and Term 4 (adults and children)

  • If adults wish to have tea, coffee or other hot drinks while in the same room as children, extreme caution should be taken. Never carry a child and have a hot drink at the same time. Keep as far away from children as possible when drinking hot drinks. Groups must supply their own drinks and snacks for children. 

The constitution of rules may be altered at any Annual General Meeting providing that all members have at least fourteen days' notice in writing that a rule will be altered and that there must be a two-thirds majority for the alteration.