Committee position descriptions...


  • Spokesperson and motivator for the playgroup

  • Chairperson for all committee meetings

  • Acts on behalf of all playgroup sessions

  • Often a signatory for cheques

  • Writes annual report for annual general meeting

  • Familiar with playgroup constitution and policies

  • Arranges the end-of-year party



  • Assists and supports the president

  • Takes responsibility as delegated by the president


Enrolment Officers (Enquiries and Administration)

  • First contact point for all enrolment enquiries via the playgroup email and phone, responsible for organising trial sessions with the group contacts and following up to see if the new family is interested in enrolling

  • Sends enrolment instructions and welcome emails to new families, as required

  • Keeps enrolment records of all members and all groups up to date

  • Attends, or organises for another committee member to attend, the new parent sessions at each of the three local maternal health centres in our area

  • Manages the Keys Overview, making sure each new group has keys and following up to retrieve keys when a group leaves

  • Oversees Playgroup Victoria membership, making sure all families attending playgroup are financial members of PGV (using the PGV website to check status of enrolments)

  • Keeps the Sessions Overview page of our website and the Sessions Overview summary on our noticeboard up to date, so that families can easily access up-to-date information about the sessions running at Playgroup

  • Organises the sign-in sheets for each group each term



  • Responsible for documents and records

  • Takes minutes at committee meetings

  • Distributes minutes as soon as possible after the meeting. Minutes are uploaded to the website and then a link is included in the weekly newsletter.

  • Sets agendas with the president

  • Provides minutes from previous meeting at each meeting

  • Notes all correspondence

  • Notifies all members of meeting times and dates via weekly newsletter

  • Once a year after the annual general meeting is responsible for ‘Public Officer’ duties (filling out an Annual Report form with input from the treasurer for submission to Consumer Affairs)


Treasurer and Purchasing Officer

  • Plans and reviews the budget

  • Collects and banks all money including fees and fundraising

  • Presents a financial statement of all incoming and outgoing monies at each committee meeting

  • Keeps ledgers, bank books, cheque books and receipt books current

  • Arranges an audit with receipts for annual general meeting (if needed). NB: An audit is not necessary for incorporation.

  • Purchases all day-to-day requirements (tea, coffee, milk)

  • Purchases art/craft supplies and other equipment

  • Ensures there are enough supplies for all playgroup sessions

  • Develops a system for playgroup sessions to request equipment

  • Works to a budget

  • Keeps all catalogues, available discounts and list of purchases made


Fundraising Committee (2–4 people)

  • Coordinates the fundraising working party

  • Contact person/s for the annual Playgroup Victoria Raffle

  • Suggests and recommends fundraising ventures to the committee

  • With the treasurer recommends fundraising targets to the committee

  • Presents a report to the committee meeting after each fundraising event


Play Coordinator

  • Coordinates suggested play activities using Playgroup Victoria’s ‘Play Map’ resource

  • Plans play activities for each term, suitable for all children attending playgroup (3 months to 5 years)

  • Play activities should be coordinated with the fundraising committee so that activities do not clash

Media Coordinator

  • Maintains and updates the playgroup website and Facebook and Instagram pages

  • Works closely with other committee members to ensure that events and meetings are promoted accordingly on all interfaces

  • Builds a safe online relationship with the wider playgroup community

  • Liaises with other community hubs to promote our playgroup and assists the enrolment officers with building membership